Presentation – Edition 2015


Banner-sense-text-IJFCThe first Contemporary Photography Conference is presented as an exhibition space for theoretical debate on the diversity of principles and trends that artistic photography shows on its own field and on the contemporary art sphere.

With an interdisciplinary origin and meaning, and biennially organized by the Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya (IEFC), the Conference will have the collaboration of artists, theorists and thinkers who, through their experiences, research and ideas, will contribute with answers, questionings or statements to our photographic present.

In this first meeting, the Conference is aimed to analyse photographic image from the following itinerary: from Walter Benjamin’s “aura” to the fusion of photographic genres; Dialogues between Modernity and Postmodernity, between Creative Photography and Plastic Photography.

Free admission // Limited seats available


Departament d’Activitats Culturals de l’IEFC, Carles Costa i Llorenç Raich.


IEFCThe INSTITUT D’ESTUDIS FOTOGRÀFICS DE CATALUNYA (IEFC) is a non-profit Cultural Association. From its founding, in 1972, it has had as a purpose the promotion and dissemination of every facet of photography, always with a public service philosophy.